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LED Interior Light Conversion

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Find Trusted LED Interior Light Conversion Pros

Converting the lights in your home to efficient LEDs can reduce operational costs and the frequency of bulb changes. Conversion may be as simple as changing light bulbs, or may require converting some light fixtures to accommodate.

Do I Need to Convert My Interior Lights to LED?

If you have light fixtures that are difficult to access for bulb changes, or wish to reduce energy consumption, converting to LED lights can provide an efficient solution. Like any work on light fixtures, making conversions or changing bulbs can cause injury and damage if done improperly. Since accessing some fixtures may require ladders, tools, or special equipment, contracting the job to a professional can simplify the process.

What Are the Benefits of LED Light Conversion?

LED lights use far less energy and typically last much longer than incandescent and compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs. Reduced energy consumption can lower environmental effects and electrical costs. The longer life span of LED units can minimize replacement costs as well, especially if you hire a contractor or maintenance service for the task.

How Many Lights Do I Need Converted to LED?

Since LED bulbs are generally more expensive than incandescent or CFL options, you may choose to limit your conversion to selected fixtures in your home. However, if you intend to eventually convert all lighting to LED, it may be more cost-effective to make a full installation at one time rather than have your installer return at a later date.

What Type of LED Interior Light Conversions Exist?

Modern LED devices can be installed in most light fixtures as a replacement for standard bulbs. Some fixtures, however, may require modification for safe and efficient LED operation. An electrician or lighting installer can evaluate the fixtures in your home to determine if any conversions will be necessary for proper LED use.

How Long Do LED Light Conversion Take?

If modifications are not required for light fixtures in your home, converting to LED takes no longer than changing light bulbs. If electrical work is necessary or your installer must fit conversion kits before changing bulbs, the process may take several hours.

What Materials are Needed for an LED Light Conversion?

In addition to replacement bulbs, your contractor may use a ladder, lift, or staging to reach fixtures on high ceilings. A wrench or screwdriver may be needed to remove trim or globes from some light fixtures in order to install conversion kits or remove bulbs and fit new LED units.

Do LED Light Conversions Have Hidden Charges?

The process of changing light fixtures to LED is generally uncomplicated, though any conversions needed to accommodate LED technology may increase project costs. Check with your installer to see if LED units are provided with installation or if you must supply them, and whether any minimum fees apply for brief service calls.

How Much Does it Cost to Convert Lights to LED?

Prices for interior LED light conversions vary by location and with the scope of a job, ranging from $93 to $384, nationally. Our Price Guide for LED Interior Light Conversion, along with an assessment from your installer, can help you determine how the fixtures in your home and the scale of your conversion project will influence costs.

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