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Light Fixture Installation

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Installing a permanent light fixture can provide general lighting to an entire room or focused task and accent lighting to a specific area. Careful selection and planning for your new lighting can vastly improve the comfort and function of any room in your home.

Do I Need a Light Fixture Installation?

If you depend on floor and desk lamps for lighting, or if you require additional lighting for specific work areas or a large room, installing new light fixtures can provide convenient improvements. Light fixture installations may require new electrical wiring and switches, services that a licensed electrician can safely provide.

What Are The Benefits of a Light Fixture Installation?

Improving the lighting in your home can add convenience and comfort for a number of applications. Adding lighting can improve reading and working conditions in any area, and replacing lamps with ceiling and wall fixtures can free up space in a room or hall. Professional installations are completed efficiently and according to local codes to ensure safe and reliable operation of your new fixture.

How Large of a Light Fixture Do I need Installed?

The ideal size for your light fixture depends on its application. General lighting, to illuminate an entire room from overhead, requires a ceiling fixture or grouping of fixtures adequate to broadcast light through the intended area. Task, ambient, and accent lighting are provided by small ceiling or wall fixtures that brighten a specific area to highlight a design feature, provide adequate light for work or reading, or to allow comfortable lighting for a variety of activities. The size of your room and the function of your lighting should influence the selection, number, and placement of fixtures.

What Types of Light Fixture Installations Exist?

A number of styles of light fixtures provide endless choices to meet your preferences for both form and function. Flush-mount, pendant, chandelier, and fan-light combinations are installed in ceilings with standard junction boxes and hardware, while sconces are fitted in a similar manner on walls. Recessed and track lighting require specialized mounting equipment and procedures, depending on the type and configuration of fixtures. All permanent lighting requires wiring for electrical supply and switches, so if adequate service is not in place, your electrician may need to run wires from your electrical panel to the installation and switch sites.

How Long Does a Light Fixture Installation Take?

Basic installation of a light fixture can be accomplished in one or two hours, but installing wiring to a new site may take up to a full day. The location of your fixture and the ease with which your electrician can run and connect wires and switches will affect the time requirements and complexity of the installation.

What Materials Are Needed for a Light Fixture Install?

Common electrical tools and supplies are used for lighting installations. A drill, pliers, screwdriver, and wire cutters may be used with wire, electrical tape and wire nuts to make wiring connections and mount your fixture. If new wiring is needed, your electrician may install a junction box or circuit breaker to accommodate your new lighting fixture or system.

Do Light Fixture Installations Have Any Hidden Charges?

The most common variable in new light fixture installations is the condition of existing wiring. Upgrades or extensive work needed to provide the electrical supply to the installation site and safely connect your fixture may increase job expenses. Also, repairing damage to walls, ceilings, or floors caused in the process of running new wires may add to your overall costs.

How Much Does a Light Fixture Installation Cost?

The type of fixture you select and the availability and condition of wiring affect installation rates, which range from $98 to $240 in the U.S. Your electrician can assess the location for your new fixture and let you know how extensive the wiring process will be, and our Light Fixture Installation Price Guide offers insights on the characteristics of a variety fixtures and their installation requirements.

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