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Light Fixture Repair

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Light fixtures are extremely important in any home, as they are the source of power and light for your entire house. When problems start to occur, whether it’s faulty electrical wiring or damaged sockets, contact a licensed electrician to safely assess the repairs.

Do I Need My Light Fixture Repaired?

The most common reason a light fixture doesn’t work is due to loosened or burnt out bulbs, which can be easily fixed on your own. However, when repairs become unmanageable the safest option is to have your light fixture repaired by a qualified professional to prevent further damage to you or your home.

What Are The Benefits of Light Fixture Repairs?

Often, when light fixtures go out you will have the opportunity to fix any underlying issues with your electrical wiring, sockets, and wall switches. Repairing these before the problem gets worse will prevent future outages and light fixture failure from occurring.

What Types of Light Fixture Upgrades Are Available?

Light fixture repairs will depend on the source of the problem and therefore sockets, wall switches, loose wiring, and the fixtures themselves may need to be replaced. When a fixture is overheated, check the wattage rating of the bulb installed, for many homeowners will use bulbs that are too high and don’t match the fixture’s requirements. Furthermore, fluorescent and incandescent light fixtures will require different repair techniques, and will be determined by your electrician during the initial evaluation.

How Long Does a Light Fixture Repair Take?

On average, a professional can repair light fixtures in less than an hour. However, if faulty internal wiring causes the damage, it could take much longer to locate, troubleshoot, and fix all necessary repairs.

What Materials Are Needed to Repair a Light Fixture?

To repair your light fixtures, it will require the use of a circuit tester, screwdriver, continuity tester, combination tool, and replacement parts. Since the repairs can be different for each situation, replacement parts will generally include an electrical box, metal braces, new wiring, a mounting strap, mounting and grounding screws, a socket, bulbs, a light shade, and the fixture base.

Do Light Fixture Repairs Have Any Hidden Charges?

Light fixture repairs can generate additional charges based on the age, size, location, and type of light fixture in need of repair. In addition, light fixtures with permanently joined sockets and switches cannot be repaired and actually need to be replaced altogether.

How Much Does a Light Fixture Repair Cost?

It will cost between $69 to $168 to have a licensed and insured electrician repair your light fixture. Depending on the extent of damage, accessibility, and size of the fixture, most repairs will fall into the lower end of the price category.

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