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Light Switch Install

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Replacing worn and outdated light switches are simple maintenance jobs that provide safe, reliable, and convenient operation in your home. Different types of switches carry a variety of installation procedures, but overall the job is a straightforward and economical one.

Do I Need My Light Switch Replaced?

If your light switch does not work properly or has been damaged, replacing it is the best method for restoring safe operation. Since light switches require specific connections to your home’s wiring, a licensed electrician can perform the installation safely, efficiently, and according to local codes.

What Are The Benefits of Light Switch Replacements?

Faulty switches can affect proper operation of light fixtures, but damage and loose wires can cause injury and create a fire hazard. Replacing a defective switch is an important safety and maintenance task to protect your home and family, and upgrading standard switches to dimmers and timers can increase convenience, comfort and security.

What Types of Light Switch Upgrades Are Available?

Replacing a light switch with one of the same kind is a common household repair, but a number of upgrades can help customize the lighting controls for your home. Replacing a single switch with a double can separate multiple fixtures or fan and light functions that were previously controlled simultaneously. Installing a dimmer allows for careful control of lighting, and timer switches can turn lights and other fixtures or appliances on or off programmed times.

How Long Does a Light Switch Replacement Take?

Most light switches can be replaced in less than a half-hour, though upgrading to a new switch may require more time than making an equal replacement. Substantial wiring work to make changes to the configuration or function of your fixtures may require several hours of your electrician’s time.

What Materials Are Needed to Replace a Light Switch?

Light switches can be installed with pliers, wire cutters, and a screwdriver. In addition to the switch itself, your electrician may use electrical tape and wire nuts to make wiring connections, and may fit a new switch plate when the replacement is complete.

Do Light Switch Replacements Have Hidden Charges?

Replacing a light switch is a simple and predictable job that generally does not present surprise expenses. If problems with your home’s wiring are detected during the switch replacement however, making necessary repairs may add to your overall costs.

How Much Does a Light Switch Replacement Cost?

Prices for replacing light switches typically range from $63 to $123 and vary with the type of switch installed and whether any changes are made to the configuration of your wiring to upgrade switches or change functionality. Our Light Switch Replacement Price Guide outlines a number of switch options and installation considerations to help you plan your project.

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