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Landscape Lighting Installation

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Well-planned, properly installed exterior lighting can provide a number of benefits to your home and increase your use of outdoor living spaces. The comfort, safety, and visual appeal that lighting adds to your home’s landscaping and exterior can improve its function and value.

Do I Need Landscape Lighting in My Yard?

Whether you need to improve security, want to highlight landscape features, or add ambiance to pool and patio areas, outdoor lighting can improve several areas of your home. Some lighting installations that require new wiring should be handled by a qualified electrician to ensure correct and safe operation.

What Are the Benefits of Landscape Lighting?

Outdoor lighting can improve safety at your home by illuminating walkways, parking areas and outbuildings. Recreation and entertainment areas can be improved with outdoor fixtures that extend their usefulness into evening hours, and the beauty of your home’s exterior and outdoor features can be highlighted with landscape lighting.

How Many Landscape Lighting Fixtures Do I Need Installed?

Your outdoor lighting application may call for a single security spotlight or a number of coordinated features that make up an intricate landscape lighting design. Patios and seating areas may call for a few well-placed fixtures, while lighting pool areas may require several durable lights to maximize safety. The scale and purpose of your application are important factors in determining how many lighting fixtures will be required for the project.

What Types of Landscape Lighting Can I Have Installed?

Outdoor lighting fixtures are available in nearly as many styles and forms as their indoor counterparts. In addition to standard spotlights and lampposts, your installation could include wall fixtures, chandeliers, lamps, step lighting, accent fixtures for architectural and landscape features, and ground lighting for paths and gardens. Some solar or battery-powered fixtures offer easy installation, but may not perform as well as hard-wired lighting systems. Traditionally wired lighting can include low-voltage systems for areas exposed to the elements or where wire is buried, and standard wiring for fixtures installed on the exterior of your home. Many installations can be automated with timers and sensors as well, adding convenience and improving the efficiency of your system.

How Long Does a Landscape Lighting Install Take?

Your installation may take as little as a few hours or as long as several days, depending on the scale and complexity of design and the need for new wiring. Your contractor can evaluate your property and specific lighting requirements to determine the equipment, skills, materials, and time needed to complete your project.

What Materials Are Needed to Install Landscape Lighting?

Trenching equipment or an edging tool may be used to run underground wire, while standard tools are used to install fixtures such as wire cutters, a tape measure, and screwdrivers. In addition to your chosen fixtures, your installer or electrician may use wire, transformers, circuit breakers, switches, and controllers to complete wiring connections.

Do Landscape Lighting Installs Have Hidden Charges?

Outdoor lighting projects can usually be priced accurately with a thorough site evaluation and clear plan or design for your lighting specifications. Low-voltage landscape lighting can often be installed by lighting contractors without modifications to your home’s wiring, but if upgrades or changes to standard wiring are needed, you may need to contract an electrician. Be sure to discuss any special installation concerns with your contractor, as well as ongoing maintenance requirements and costs.

How Much Do Landscape Lighting Installations Cost?

Installation rates for outdoor lighting often vary with location and installation methods, ranging from $150 to $500 per fixture in the U.S. Our Landscape Lighting Installation Price Guide and your installer can help you determine how the specific characteristics of your home, yard, and lighting plan will affect the overall cost of your project.

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