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Outlet Installation

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Homeowners rely heavily on electrical energy supplies, which increases the need for additional outlets throughout the home. By installing new outlets, you can improve the functionality and efficiency of each room with the ability to power new locations.

Do I Need an Outlet Installation?

Installing new outlets will require the help of a certified electrician due to a number of safety hazards that could arise throughout the process. An electrician will also be familiar with industry codes, home electrical systems, and proper wiring installations to guarantee the job is done correctly the first time.

What Are The Benefits of an Outlet Installation?

New electrical outlets are extremely beneficial, as they eliminate the need for unwanted extension cords while also providing electricity to different locations throughout the home. When upgrading outdated outlets, you can actually create a safer environment for your family by childproofing both plugs and electrical outlets, as well as increase the amount of voltage an outlet can withstand to power heavy-duty appliances and electronics.

How Large of an Outlet Do I Need Installed?

You have the option of installing both a single and duplex outlet, which can be inserted in any wall or existing outlet space. Duplex outlets help to expand the number of sources available in one unit, making them both functional and accessible. You should also factor in the primary use of the outlets to determine whether you’ll need a standard outlet with 120 volts, or a heavy-duty outlet with 220 to 240 volts.

What Types of Outlet Installations Exist?

There are several different outlet installations that exist, but the most common include the installation of single, double, heavy-duty, and grounded outlets. When installing new outlets, an electrician may also need to install new switches, as well as a new circuit on the electrical panel. For heavy-duty outlets, an electrician will need to upgrade the existing panel to accommodate for the increased electrical loads.

How Long Does a Outlet Installation Take?

Electrical outlets will take between 30 minutes to an hour to complete for each outlet installed. This includes the installation of standard 120-volt outlets, heavy-duty outlets up to 240 volts, and grounded outlets for kitchens and bathrooms. When installing a new circuit on the electrical panel, it can take an hour or more while a complete upgrade to the panel can take several hours to install.

What Materials Are Needed for a Outlet Installation?

To install new electrical outlets, you will need to purchase a single or duplex receptacle, outlet plates, switches, switch plates, conduit, electrical wiring, and volt circuits. You will also need grounding screws, terminal screws, retaining screws, and a mounting strap to complete the outlet installation.

Do Outlet Installation Jobs Have Any Hidden Charges?

There are additional service fees associated with an outlet installation including childproofing your entire home’s plugs and outlets, installing decorative switch plates, and upgrading old outlets to three-prong, grounded ones. You can also expect to pay more when choosing to expand single outlets in your home to duplex receptacles.

How Much Does an Outlet Installation Cost?

The cost to install new electrical outlets can run between $98 to $254 to complete. On average, homeowners will pay around $250 that includes the cost of materials, labor, and installation.

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