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Outlet Repair

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Making repairs to electrical outlets that are not working properly can provide an economical solution to an inconvenient problem. Since the nature of outlet repairs calls for working with the wiring and electrical supply of your home, the project should be completed by a licensed electrician to ensure safety.

Do I Need an Outlet Repaired?

If any outlet in your home is not working properly, repairing or replacing it may be necessary in order to restore safe and proper function. If you compensate for broken outlets by using power strips, splitters, and extension cords in other locations, you may inadvertently overload those outlets or circuits in your home and increase the risk of trips and fire.

What are the Benefits of Outlet Repairs?

By restoring the usefulness of damaged or broken outlets, repairs can improve convenience throughout your home. Further, the decreased likelihood of overloading other outlets can improve and safety by reducing fire risks. Hiring a qualified electrician for the job ensures that all wiring connections are made properly and securely to protect your family.

What Type of Outlet Repairs and Upgrades Exist?

Common outlet repairs include adjusting connections and installing new receptacles. If the wiring that connects an outlet to a switch or breaker is faulty, extensive wiring repairs may be needed to restore its function. Your electrician will be able to assess the condition of both wiring and outlets to determine the complexity of repairs. Depending on the location and application of your outlet, he may recommend upgrading to a ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlet to prevent shocks in damp areas, or making adjustments to your electrical panel to support the demands of your household.

How Long Does it Take to Repair an Outlet?

Testing a receptacle, fixing loose connections, and installing a new outlet can generally be accomplished within one hour. Making improvements or repairs to wiring or your electrical panel may require several hours, depending on the location of the outlet and panel and the accessibility and condition of wiring.

What Tools are Needed for Outlet Repairs?

Most outlet repairs can be made with screwdrivers and a wire stripper, after testing with a voltage tester or multimeter. Installing new outlets requires replacement units, while making repairs to the electrical supply may call for wire, wire nuts, electrical tape, junction boxes, and circuit breakers.

Do Outlet Repairs Have Any Hidden Charges?

Repairing and replacing electrical outlets are generally straightforward tasks which carry few surprise expenses, though your electrician may charge a minimum fee for a short service call. Any wiring problems that are discovered during the repair may lead to more expensive upgrades that will provide consistent and safe power to the outlets in your home.

How Much Does an Outlet Repair Cost?

With prices for outlet repair varying with the type and location of an outlet, you can expect to pay between $85 and $203 for the job. A number of factors that influence repair costs are addressed in our Price Guide for Outlet Repair, and should be discussed with your electrician as you plan and budget for the project.

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