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Pet Waste Clean-up

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Pet waste clean-up is an absolute must for pet-owners in order to maintain the healthy condition of your yard. Relieve yourself of the unpleasant job by scheduling frequent clean-ups with a certified professional trained to effectively remove the waste from you lawn.

Does My Yard Needs Pet Waste Clean-up?

Your yard needs to be cleared of pet waste on a regular basis to avoid a number of harmful issues that can affect yourself and your pet. Contrary to what many believe, your animal’s waste is not a fertilizer and actually contains several common diseases that can be transferred between dogs, cats and people. A qualified technician not only scoops your yard, but also treats your lawn using an eco-friendly spray and disposes of the waste on your behalf.

What Are the Benefits of a Pet Waste Clean-up Service?

A licensed and insured service provider guarantees that the pet waste is safely removed according to current standards and practices. Having the service performed by a professional also prevents your dog from potentially eating the stool and to stop flies from breeding in your yard. With the unsightly and odorous waste gone, you’ll have a fully functional outdoor space for the whole family to enjoy.

How Much of My Yard Needs Pet Waste Clean-up?

The only part of your yard in need of pet waste clean-up is the area that has been affected. If your pet only uses your fenced-in backyard, then there is no need to treat the front lawn. To determine the area in need of maintenance, discuss your pet’s typical behavior with the technician prior to his arrival for an accurate assessment.

What Types of Pet Waste Clean-up Are Available?

To make certain your yard remains a healthy place for you and your pet, you can choose to have the clean-up service performed multiple times a week, bi-weekly, monthly or even seasonally. A professional will first transfer the solid waste into biodegradable bags, and will then treat your lawn using a specialized spray comprised of enzymes to assist in the breakdown of leftover remnants in the grass. Additionally, the pet waste will be taken offsite to a landfill after being tested for signs of disease or parasites. You will be notified immediately by the company if potential health risks are found.

How Long Does a Pet Waste Clean-up Take?

In order to determine the length of time it takes to remove pet waste from your yard, you should consider how many dogs you own, the size of the area to be treated, and the frequency to which your lawn is cleaned. If your yard is cleaned regularly, the job can be done in a matter of minutes. On the other hand, if you own several dogs and have never had the yard cleaned before, it could take up to two hours to complete.

What Devices Are Used By a Pet Waste Clean-up Service?

A professional technician scoops the pet waste into biodegradable bags for proper handling, as it will be disposed of in a landfill immediately afterwards. They also use an eco-friendly spray for the lawn to make certain that all waste has been treated and removed within the area.

Do Pet Waste Clean-up Services Have Any Hidden Charges?

A certified service provider offers upfront fees to all customers based on the number of dogs you own and the frequency to which your yard is cleaned. However, you can expect to pay more for a one-time pet waste clean-up than you would for regularly scheduled visits.

How Much Do a Pet Waste Clean-up Services Cost?

On average, a one-time pet waste clean-up for a two-dog household can cost $80 for the full yard treatment. Prices based on a weekly schedule can range between $37 and $193 per visit, depending on the number of dogs you own and the size of your yard. See our guide on Pet Waste Clean-up Cost to learn more.

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