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Phone Jack Installation

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Find Trusted Phone Jack Installation Pros

Installing a new phone jack requires a specific skill set. The project involves intricate wiring to the exterior phone box and phone jack, and drilling through floors and walls. Having a pro do the job takes the stress out of the project.

Do I Need a New Phone Jack?

You might need a new phone jack if an office has been added to the home-- land lines and fax machines have to plug into a jack to work. A new phone jack can also be a necessity for a live-in parent, and sometimes a phone jack has to be added because of remodeling.

What Are the Benefits of Professional Installation?

Having a professional install the jack can save you hours of frustration trying to run the wires and connect them to the terminals in the right order. It also keeps you from having to buy or borrow the tools for the job.

What Type of Phone Jack Installations Are Available?

Unlike electrical outlets and light switches that are installed in the wall, phone jacks can be mounted externally. A hole is drilled at the location for the wire to run through. Then the jack is wired and secured to the wall with screws.

How Long Does Phone Jack Installation Take?

It takes less than thirty minutes to install a phone jack. But it can take one to two hours to run the wire from the control box to the installation point. Installing a phone jack on the second floor takes longer than it does on the ground floor.

What Tools and Supplies are Needed to Install a Phone Jack?

A hammer and nail-in clips to secure the cable will be needed to install the phone cable. You also need a drill and a bit. If the jack is being connected to existing wire, all you need is wire strippers and a screwdriver.

Do Phone Jack Installations Have Hidden Charges?

There are not typically any hidden charges involved with a phone jack installation. Once the pro sees what has to be done, they will be able to give you a firm quote.

How Much Does a Phone Jack Installation Cost?

Most pros charge $119 to $238 to install a phone jack to existing wire. To have the wire and jack installed, it can cost between $146 and $288. For more information you can visit our Phone Jack Installation Price Guide.

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