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Picture Hanging

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Find Trusted Picture Hanging Pros

Pictures are the perfect form of artwork and are a great way to showcase your memories throughout your home. Whether you’re hanging one picture or a gallery wall, qualified professionals are available to assist with your design needs.

Do I Need My Pictures Hung?

Successfully hanging your pictures alone can be an extremely frustrating and time-consuming task, especially when you factor in their size, shape, weight, material, and the location of placement. Hiring a professional to execute this service for you will ensure your valued photos are hung correctly and securely, without causing damage to your walls or the pictures themselves.

What are the Benefits of Pictures Professionally Hung?

There are licensed and insured professionals who are skilled in the art of hanging, for they also install artwork in museums, galleries, and corporate buildings. They are trained to safely handle all of your pictures while affixing them properly to the walls, even in the most difficult spaces. Professionals also know how to place your pictures at the appropriate height and in the best possible location in order to enhance the overall design of your home.

How Large Are the Pictures I Need Hung?

No picture is too large, too small, or too heavy to be hung by a professional. They understand the difficulty involved and are qualified to strategically hang your pictures on virtually any wall in your home. Experts will always use the appropriate mounting hardware specific to the material of your walls, as well as the pictures in need of hanging to prevent them from ever falling.

What Types of Pictures Do I Need Hung?

Professional hangers can hang nearly any type of picture, artwork, antique, or mirror onto your walls and ceilings. They can also create gallery walls in your home that consist of multiple pictures varying in size, weight, shape, and material.

How Long Does a Picture Hanging Job Take?

A picture hanging project is a time-consuming task, mostly due to selecting the right location and height for the pictures to be displayed. An installation job also requires attention to detail when calculating, measuring, and leveling the area where pictures will be hung. A skilled professional will take their time during the process, for mounting the pictures correctly to the walls can make all the difference in the final outcome.

What Materials Are Needed To Hang Pictures?

A professional will often use an electric stud finder, a laser level, a drill or hammer, and specific hardware based on the weight of the pictures being installed. Typical hardware can include D-rings, J-hooks, mending plates, screws or nails, wire, sawtooth hangers, and wood or steel cleats.

How Much Does a Picture Hanging Job Cost?

Most professional picture hanging services charge by the hour, as well as an additional service fee. The total cost of the job will ultimately depend on the size, quantity, weight, location, height, and material of the pictures being hung. You can expect to may much more for heavier objects, inaccessible locations, and an increased number of pictures. On average, you can expect to pay between $70 to $159 to have your pictures hung. See our Picture Hanging Price Guide to get more in-depth information.

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