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Planting trees in your yard can help define its landscape and add character and beauty to the exterior of your home. Whether small ornamentals, productive fruit varieties, or substantial native species, trees can add beauty, comfort, and value to your property.

Do I Need a Tree Planted in My Yard?

If you would like to add substantial elements to your landscaping design and provide shade or wind screening for your yard or home, planting trees can provide these and many other benefits. Selecting a tree for your home requires consideration of your climate, soil conditions, and location, and entails some hard work. Landscaping and tree service professionals can help you select varieties that will thrive in your area and enhance your home, and can evaluate your site to plan for the most appropriate and efficient placement.

What Are the Benefits of a Tree Planting Service?

Arborists and tree service professionals are trained and equipped to prepare your site for a new tree. They can evaluate everything from your climate and soil to neighboring trees and structures to select a tree that can grow successfully in your yard and provide the specific features you are looking for. Additionally, pros have the tools and knowledge to place trees safely and efficiently, saving you a great deal of time and effort and increasing the likelihood of successful transplanting.

How Large of a Tree Do I Need Planted?

Trees can be planted as young seedlings or when large and mature. The size of tree you select should be influenced by both your short and long-term goals for planting. Transplanting large trees may involve substantial effort and expense, but provides some instant benefit. While planting seedlings and saplings can be more economical, it may take a long time for them to have a significant impact on your yard.

What Types of Trees Can I Have Planted?

Virtually any type of tree can be transplanted, but its success will vary with your climate, planting location, and species and maturity of the tree. Trees are often prepared for sale as seedlings with bare roots, saplings planted in pots, or more mature trees prepared with a wrapped root ball or moved with a tree spade upon ordering. Your contractor can help you determine what species and age of tree is appropriate for your application.

How Long Does a Tree Planting Take?

The time needed to plant a tree depends largely on tree size and soil conditions. A number of small saplings can be planted within an hour, while it may take several hours to prepare the site and properly transplant a more mature tree. For projects that require a mechanical tree spade, the process can take an entire day, depending on the distance between your home and the location of the tree to be moved.

What Materials Are Required to Plant Trees?

Small trees can be planted with spades, shovels and other hand tools, while large trees may require heavy equipment for digging or a large tree spade for moving mature trees. Your contractor may place mulch around the base of the tree, water it thoroughly, and support the trunk with rope or cable fastened to stakes.

Do Tree Planting Services Have Hidden Charges?

Your tree service professional should be able to evaluate your planting conditions and tree selection to accurately price your project. Bear in mind though, that several factors may influence pricing, from the age and location of the tree you select, to the accessibility of the planting site and difficulty of digging in the soil at your home.

How Much Do Tree Planting Services Cost?

Prices for tree planting service are influence by location and tree varieties, typically ranging from $110 to $297 across the country. Factors that affect pricing are discussed in our Tree Planting Price Guide, such as soil conditions, the number of trees to plant and tree selection. Your arborist, landscaper, or other tree service pro can guide you through the process of selecting a tree for your property and help you evaluate the specific conditions that will affect the price of your project.

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