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Power Washing

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Removing exterior buildup has never been easier with the use of a power washing service performed by a certified professional. High water pressure combined with specialized cleansing techniques lifts mildew, dirt, and dust from the surfaces around your home for a fresh, clean appearance.

Do I Need a Power Washing Service?

Power washing is the most effective method for removing dirt and grime from the exterior features of your home. Whether you wish to treat the siding, roof, fence, deck, patio, sidewalk, or driveway, professionals can safely and efficiently restore your surfaces to their natural beauty without causing injury or damage to your property.

What Are the Benefits of a Power Washing Service?

Due to such a high velocity of water being produced from a power washer, mildew and grime will not stand a chance against such force. Your home will be restored to its original condition within no time, as professionals will use proper techniques and safety precautions to remove the buildup. You can finally say goodbye to those unpleasant stains, color inconsistencies, and general wear and tear by utilizing a power washing service.

How Much Power Washing Do I Need Performed?

It is not required to have the entirety of your exterior surfaces power washed, but there’s a good chance that a large amount will need to be treated. Power washing is typically performed on areas that have experienced excessive buildup, or are beginning to show signs of age and color deterioration. Determine the features you want to be power washed and consult with a professional to decide what areas should be cleaned before the job begins.

What Types of Buildup Do I Need Washed Off?

Mildew, grime, dust, mud, and dirt accumulate over time creating an unsightly appearance to the exterior surfaces of your home. When treating severe mildew, skilled technicians will often use a liquid solution to pretreat the area prior to cleansing it with the power washer. The power washing technique is popularly used by homeowners because it produces significant results as it eliminates tough buildup across multiple surfaces.

How Long Does a Power Washing Job Take?

A power washing job is an extensive procedure, and depending upon the size of the project, the frequency of maintenance, and the accessibility of the surfaces, it could take up to several days to complete. Technicians often work in teams to speed up the process, especially when there are several areas in need of treatment. For smaller jobs like decks or driveways however, you can expect the job to be done within a few hours.

What Materials Will Require Power Washing?

Multiple surfaces can be treated with a power washer including wood, vinyl, concrete, and brick. Depending on the material being cleaned, a professional carefully considers the amount of pressure being released, known as pounds per square inch (psi), and the proper sweeping technique to use. They will choose the appropriate method when treating different surfaces to prevent any destruction to your property during the cleaning.

Do Power Washing Services Have Any Hidden Charges?

To avoid spending extra money on multiple house calls, consider bundling services at once and benefit from additional work. Multiple services can include staining fences and decks, exterior painting, and even power washing patio furniture.

How Much Does a Power Washing Service Cost?

The total cost of a power washing service is influenced by multiple factors including the size of the area, regularity of cleaning, accessibility, equipment, materials, and labor. On average, power washing can cost between $160 and $430 to complete, without additional services included. To learn more, see our price guide on Power Washing Costs.

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