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Shower Installation

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Whether to provide a space-saving alternative to a tub, or to complete a luxury spa bath in your home, fitting or building a shower is a substantial project that can change the look and function of your bathroom.

Do I Need a New Shower Installed?

Installing a shower is an important part of bathroom construction and renovations. If you do not have the space or need for a bathtub, or if accessing a tub is difficult for your or your family members, a shower is the best alternative to provide full bathroom facilities without sacrificing space or safety. Shower installations require specific construction and plumbing prep work as well as precise finish work with tile or glass. A complete shower installation may require the services of a carpenter, plumber, tile setter, or glazier.

What Are The Benefits of a New Shower Installation?

If space is limited, a shower stall is a practical alternative to a bathtub, upgrading what might otherwise be a powder room or half bath into a fully functional bathroom. Showers also provide easier access for those who may have difficulty climbing into a tub, and can be customized with a number of features to suit your usage. If you have an existing tub or shower stall that is damaged or inadequate, installing a new shower allows to you update your bath fixtures to better suit your décor and lifestyle, and provides an economical alternative to fitting a full tub and shower.

How Large of a Shower Do I Need?

Pre-fabricated acrylic and fiberglass showers are available in a range of sizes, from a very compact 30x30 inches to a more comfortable and accessible 36x36 inches, and even a spacious 52x60 inches to accommodate two people. Custom built tiled showers can be designed and built to fit virtually any space or application. The best size for your shower depends on the space available for it and the type of use you expect it to receive.

What Types of Showers Are Available?

Showers are available as basic stalls to large, multiple-piece or custom-built units that incorporate seats, shelves and multiple shower heads. Many pre-fabricated units offer seating and shelving options, depending on their size, and shower heads and controls come with numerous design and feature choices. Luxury features such as high-end massage and steam shower heads, sound systems, and programmable controls are often incorporated in custom-built showers, which are framed in place by a carpenter and tiled or fitted with glass to your specifications.

How Long Does a Shower Installation Take?

The length of time needed to place your shower varies with the type of shower and the condition of the installation site. A pre-fabricated shower placed in new construction, with plumbing in place, can be accomplished in as little as a few hours. In renovations, removing an existing tub or shower and prepping the site for the new unit may take several hours, adding an entire day to your installation. Custom-built showers generally require up to one day for both framing and plumbing, and up to five days for tile installation. Hanging custom glass walls or doors may take as little as two hours but up to a full day or more, depending on the complexity of the installation.

What Materials Are Needed for a Shower Installation?

A shower’s plumbing connections and the installation of shower heads and controls are made with standard plumbing tools such as wrenches, screwdrivers, a pipe cutter and torch, and may require supplies like pipe, Teflon tape and solder. Fitting a shower unit requires common tools that include a level, drill, and tape measure, and materials such as caulk and adhesive. Custom showers require wood framing built with carpentry tools and supplies, and trowels, levels, floats, and sponges are used with mortar and grout to apply a tile finish. Glass doors and enclosures are installed by glaziers with both common and specialty tools which may vary with standard and frameless designs.

Do Shower Installations Have Any Hidden Charges?

Costs for shower installations in new construction are generally predictable, but renovations present a number of variables that may add to the cost of your project. If your new shower is a different size or in a different location than the original, plumbing and framing modifications to accommodate it will add to preparation costs. Similarly, any water damage found behind old fixtures during demolition may require repairs before a new shower can be built or installed.

How Much Does an Average Shower Installation Cost?

The size and type of shower you select, combined with construction variables and a variety of options for features and fixtures contribute to installation prices that range from $236 to $1164, nationally. Several factors that affect project costs are discussed in our Shower Installation Price Guide and can be addressed by your contractor as you plan for your project.

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