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Sod Installation

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Installing sod is a fast and simple way to establish a new lawn or improve an existing one. A qualified professional can help you plan for the project and will have your yard looking lush in record time.

Does My Yard Need a Sod Installation?

If your yard is partially or totally bare or has damaged areas, installing sod is an excellent option for establishing new grass quickly. If you prefer not to wait for your lawn to grow from seed, sod provides instant gratification in the form of established, healthy grass.

What Are the Benefits of Sod Installations?

Sod has been professionally grown, and is delivered to your home with established roots intact in soil. Installing sod creates a mature lawn instantly, compared to the many months it will take to establish a lawn from seed. Sod requires less initial maintenance than a seeded lawn, and is less prone to weeds since the mature grass is grown in a controlled environment.

How Much of My Yard Requires a Sod Installation?

The amount of your yard you cover with sod depends on your preferences and the condition of your lawn. In new construction, installing sod over your entire yard provides a uniformly mature lawn at once. If your lawn is established, but needs re-planting in sections with damaged grass, or to complete a landscaping project, you may choose to install sod in only the affected areas.

What Types of Sod Are Available for Installation?

Sod is generally available in long rolls or slabs, with mature grass established in about 1 inch of soil. While its form is usually consistent, several types of grass are available in prepared sod. Your contractor can help you select a variety of grass that will thrive in your climate and provide the look and performance you are looking for.

How Long Does a Sod Installation Take?

The size of both the installation site and the crew help determine the time needed to complete your installation. A single installer can lay between 400 and 500 square feet of sod per hour. Depending on the size, terrain and features of a yard, most lawns can be completed within one day, though large properties may require a second day’s work.

What Tools Are Required to Install a Sod?

In order to prepare a lawn for sod, your contractor may use a sod cutter to remove old sod and rototiller to loosen soil, along with a roller, rakes and other hand tools to level and smooth the ground’s surface. Installers may amend the soil prior to installation and will carry and lay the material by hand, or use a sod-laying machine for large jobs. Workers will use knives to trim sod around obstacles and yard features, and may use a roller to smooth and set the sod after installation.

Do Sod Installations Have Any Hidden Charges?

Since sod installations are generally priced according to the variety of grass selected and the size and terrain of the project site, there are rarely surprise expenses in laying the material. Proper preparation is key to the success of a sod lawn, however, so be sure to discuss the extent and cost of prep work with your contractor.

How Much Do Sod Installations Cost?

Prices for installing sod vary with location, but average between $0.50 to $2.00 per square foot. Our Sod Installation Cost Guide addresses how location, project size and other considerations affect project pricing. Your local pro can evaluate your yard to help you select an appropriate variety of grass for your lawn, and determine how the characteristics of your yard will affect the complexity and cost of your sod installation.

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