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The living elements of your yard and garden help define the character of your home, adding beauty and depth to the canvas of your property. Endless choices of plants, trees and shrubs can be combined to complement your home and surrounding environment.

Do I Need Softscape Service for My Yard?

Adding plantings and garden beds to your yard can be a substantial project that requires horticultural knowledge, time, equipment, and muscle. A landscape designer or contractor can help you select plants and trees that are appropriate for your climate, and choose combinations that provide attractive features throughout your growing season. Professional landscapers can also assess your soil and existing plantings to determine what enhancements or changes should be made to create the optimum environment for your new softscape.

What Are the Benefits of Softscape?

Softscape can provide both visual interest in your yard with color and texture, and practical improvements like shade and productive food and herb gardens. Overall, softscape can help define the style of your home and property and improve enjoyment and comfort in your yard. Regardless of the primary purpose of your softscape design, improving the landscaping around your house can transform it from an ordinary, uninspired property to a striking and inviting home.

How Much of My Yard Needs Softscaping?

Balance is an important element in deciding how much of your yard to improve. While many homeowners prioritize the softscape in the front of their home to improve curb appeal, neglecting side and back yards may leave you dissatisfied with your primary entertaining and recreation areas. As you develop plans and designs with your contractor, consider how you use your yard and install softscape that not only enhances the beauty of your home, but that is enjoyable for your family and has maintenance requirements that you can manage.

What Type of Softscape Service Do I Want?

Softscape services apply to the living, horticultural elements of your landscape design, with a number of services available to install or maintain plantings. Most contractors provide a range of options from laying sod to planning and placing annual and perennial flowers, trees, shrubs, and vegetable or herb gardens. Asses your existing softscape and maintenance needs as your consider how extensively to upgrade your property. Your contractor can help you decide which type of services and plantings can improve your property while helping you plan for maintenance services such as mulching, fertilizing, and seasonal upkeep.

How Long Do Softscape Services Take?

The time needed for your softscape installation really depends on the scope of your project. While simple planting and maintenance projects can be completed in a few hours, more substantial installations make take a full day, such as laying sod or moving established trees and shrubs. If your project involves a number of elements, upgrades and installations, it may extend over several days or weeks.

What Tools Are Needed for Softscape Services?

Landscape contractors use a number of tools to prepare your yard and soil and to place plantings. Heavy equipment may be used if extensive grading, excavation, or material movement is required, but common hand tools are often used for placing and maintaining plants. You may see your contractor use equipment ranging from an excavator to a skidsteer or rototiller, and hand tools such as shovels, rakes, and edgers.

Do Softscape Services Have Any Hidden Charges?

Most softscape plans take into consideration the existing condition of your yard as well as the elements you will be adding, so surprise expenses are usually limited. While planning your installation though, be sure to select plants that are likely to thrive in your climate in order to avoid costly losses, and account for existing hardscape that installers must work around or remove in order to install new garden beds or plants.

How Much Do Softscape Services Cost?

The cost of softscape services varies with the complexity of designs, plant selection, and the overall size of the service area, but typically ranges from $91 to $620 in the U.S. Our Price Guide for Softscape Services can help you understand how your location and choices will affect the price of your project, while your designer and contractor can help you assess your property and preferences to understand how they will influence costs.

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