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Sprinkler Installation

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A sprinkler system can add convenience to landscaping tasks and help keep your lawn and gardens healthy and beautiful. A qualified sprinkler or irrigation contractor can evaluate the condition and needs of your yard to plan an effective system.

Does My Yard Need a Sprinkler System Installation?

If the climate conditions where you live require regular watering for lawns and gardens, or if your yard is too large to water manually, installing a sprinkler system can resolve irrigation issues. Professional installations provide for reliable, effective watering, since sprinkler systems require careful planning, extensive preparation, and the installation of a number of connections and fixtures.

What Are the Benefits of a Sprinkler System Installation?

A sprinkler system can simplify or even automate the watering of your lawn or other plantings. A well-planned system can direct and distribute water as needed, saving water and providing optimum irrigation for specific areas. Automated systems operate on timers without intervention, and can be programmed to run at most efficient times of day and when watering is most effective.

How Much of My Yard Requires Sprinklers?

A sprinkler system should cover your entire lawn to provide maximum benefit. If you choose to use sprinklers on only a portion of your yard or to irrigate specific gardens and plantings, your installer can customize the zones and heads for your system accordingly.

What Types of Sprinkler Systems Are Available?

Manual sprinkler systems use valves to control the flow of water to heads throughout the system and operated by turning valves on or off as needed. Automated systems are controlled by programmable timers that determine when sprinklers come on and for how long. Installation procedures are the same for water distribution in each system, but the electronic controls of automated sprinklers require a power source and initial programming to operate.

How Long Does a Sprinkler System Installation Take?

The time needed to install your sprinkler system depends on its size and complexity, and the condition of your yard and water supply. Many systems can be installed within one day, while large or complex configurations may require several days.

What Materials Are Required to Install a Sprinklers?

Installers will use tools and equipment such as shovels, spades, bars, and trenching machinery to dig holes and trenches for placing lines, valves and sprinkler heads. Common tools such as saws, wrenches, and pipe cutters are used to make water line connections and install sprinkler heads, while wire cutters and a screwdriver may be needed to make electrical connections for control units.

Do Sprinkler Installations Have Any Hidden Charges?

With a thorough evaluation of your yard and irrigation needs, your installer should be able to give you a reliable estimate for your project. Extra services or problems that arise with your water or electrical supply may require the services of other contractors at additional expense.

How Much Does a Sprinkler System Installation Cost?

Installation prices for sprinkler systems vary with the makeup of your system, the terrain and condition of your yard, and the availability of plumbing and electrical connections, with installation rates ranging from $159 to $682, nationally. These and other factors that affect project rates are discussed in our Sprinkler System Installation Price Guide and can be addressed by your installer as you plan an irrigation system for your yard.

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