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Sprinkler System Repair

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Find Trusted Sprinkler System Repair Pros

A sprinkler system provides convenient and efficient irrigation for many yard applications. If the performance of your sprinklers decline, repairs can have your system back in working order to take proper care of your lawn and plantings.

Do I Need My Sprinklers Repaired?

If some of your sprinkler heads do not work, if your system has low water pressure, or doesn’t work at all in some zones, repairs will be needed to correct problems from wear or damage. A professional sprinkler system technician can evaluate the problems with your equipment and make quick repairs with minimal impact to your yard.

What Are The Benefits of Sprinkler Repairs?

Keeping your irrigation system in good condition helps ensure effective watering in all areas of your yard and reduces the likelihood of damage or waste from leaking water. Making basic repairs to sprinkler heads, valves, and pipes can correct a number of problems that keep the system from working properly and threaten the health of your yard.

What Types of Sprinkler Repairs Are Available?

Sprinkler repairs vary from adjusting, cleaning, and replacing sprinkler heads to fixing damaged supply lines and replacing faulty valves. Automatic systems with electronic controls may need fuses replaced or upgrades and repairs to wiring. The nature of trouble you have with your irrigation system will help your technician diagnose problems for a prompt repair.

How Long Do Sprinkler Repairs Take?

Most repairs to sprinkler heads can be made within an hour or two, while the effort involved in repairing leaky lines may take several hours. Electrical and valve repairs can also be completed within a few hours, though the time needed for any repair will be affected by the extent of damage and accessibility of the repair site.

What Materials Are Needed to Repair Sprinklers?

Most sprinkler repairs are made with common tools such as a wrench, screwdriver and pliers, and may require replacement sprinkler heads, fuses, or couplings and other materials for repairing pipes. Work on sprinkler heads, control units, and some valves can be completed above ground, while making repairs to supply lines and other valves will call for some digging.

Do Sprinkler Repairs Have Any Hidden Charges?

When the location of leaks or damage are known, repairs can generally be made quickly. But, since the bulk of your sprinkler system is hidden, it may be hard to know how much time is required to locate and access the problem area if it is not clear where trouble originates. Further, damage to your lawn or house from excessive leaking may require additional repairs.

How Much Do Sprinkler Repairs Cost?

Prices for sprinkler repairs are influenced by the type of system and the source of its problems, typically costing between $65 and $250 in the U.S. Our Price Guide for Sprinkler System Repair can help you understand some of the factors that influence repair costs, and your contractor or technician can address how your location and the scope of repairs will affect expenses.

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