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Stucco Installation

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Stucco can provide a lasting and beautiful finish to the exterior of your home. Proper installation is key to the longevity, durability, and quality of stucco siding, so be sure to select a qualified contractor for the project.

Do I Need a Stucco Installation?

Stucco installation requires thorough and careful preparation to ensure a stable finish. Since the selection of appropriate plaster materials and proper application techniques are also essential to the success of the project, hiring a professional installer is recommended for a quality job.

What are the Benefits of Stucco Installations?

Stucco is a long-lasting, durable and attractive siding material that can enhance the appearance of your home and increase its value. Stucco may also increase the insulation value of some buildings, improving energy efficiency, and is typically a low-maintenance siding option. Professional stucco installers can properly prepare a site and apply finish materials properly to ensure a high-quality and lasting surface.

How Much Stucco Do I Need Installed?

Stucco is traditionally applied to all exterior walls of a home, but may be combined with wood, stone, or other masonry siding, depending the building’s design or style. Your architect or designer can help you determine how much of your home’s surface should receive a stucco treatment so your contractor can plan accordingly for labor and material requirements.

What Type of Stucco Installations Exist?

Stucco can be applied over a number of surfaces, with preparation methods varying with surface types. After preparing a substrate with a bonding agent, lath, or fabric and mesh, plaster is applied in a two or three-stage process that begins with a base, or scratch coat, and ends with a textured finish coat. Stucco may be tinted during application, or can be colored later with a surface treatment.

How Long Does Stucco Installation Take?

Most residential stucco installations can be completed within a week, with a day or so needed for each stage of the installation. Extensive preparation for a renovation project may take longer than for new construction, and exceptionally large projects may require several weeks to complete.

What Materials Are Needed for Stucco Installation?

Depending on the nature of the project, your contractor may apply a liquid bonding agent, metal or wooden lath strips, felt paper or fabric, and wire mesh to prepare walls for the application of stucco. Modern stucco is a mix of cement, sand, and water that is applied to a prepared surface with a variety of trowels and hand tools. Lime, fibers, and other additives may be incorporated in plaster to improve performance or flexibility, depending on your application and climate.

Do Stucco Installations Have Any Hidden Charges?

Stucco installations are generally priced according to the size and style of a structure and the materials used for the job. Stucco installations do not typically carry surprise expenses, but preparing a surface for stucco in new construction may be more efficient and economical than replacing another type of siding with stucco in a renovation project.

How Much Does Stucco Installation Cost?

Prices for stucco installation vary by location and level of preparation, but typically cost between $550 and $4725, nationally. Our Stucco Installation Price Guide can help you determine how the size and features of your project may influence pricing, while your contractor can address the specific requirements of your installation to help you plan and budget for the job.

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