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Toilet Repair

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Your plumber can make a number of repairs to your toilet that can restore its performance and efficiency, and prevent damage from potential leaks. Problems with toilets can cause inconvenience and water loss, and even lead to water damage in your home.

Do I Need Toilet Repair Services?

Many toilet problems can be resolved with common repairs. If your toilet does not fill properly, runs continually, or leaks from the tank or base, repairs should be made to prevent water loss and damage problems. Cracks in tanks, bowls, and covers can lead to serious damage, but can generally be repaired with replacements and do not always require replacement of the entire toilet.

What Are The Benefits of Toilet Repair Services?

Repairing a damaged or poorly functioning toilet can prevent water loss and improve the performance of the fixture. Leaks from cracks or worn fittings and seals can cause serious water damage to your bathroom. Making toilet repairs promptly may prevent costly repairs to your walls, floor, or ceilings. Additionally, restoring the function of your toilet can reduce water usage by improving flushing and correcting water loss from excessive running.

What Types of Toilet Repairs & Upgrades Are Available?

Common toilet repairs include the replacement of valves inside the toilet tank and on the water supply line outside the toilet. The supply line itself may be replaced, as well as the wax ring that creates a watertight seal between the toilet and floor. Cracked tanks, covers, and bowls can be replaced with new components, as can seats and lids. Upgrading with dual-flush adapters and a variety of toilet seats can increase efficiency and comfort, while replacing your entire toilet with a new model can provide better performance and efficiency.

How Long Does a Toilet Repair Service Take?

Most toilet repairs can be completed quickly, with simple valve and supply line replacements done in less than one hour. Even more substantial repairs can be made in just an hour or two, including the installation of replacement tanks, bowls, wax rings, or an entire toilet.

What Materials Are Needed to Repair a Toilet?

Toilet repairs often include replacement valves and tank components, which can be installed with common tools and wrenches. The replacement of a tank, bowl or wax ring requires disassembly or removal of the toilet, but generally does not call for any unusual tools or supplies.

Do Toilet Repair Services Have Any Hidden Charges?

Toilet repairs are generally predictable and efficient. Unless your plumber discovers damaged or unsuitable supply and drain lines, your toilet repair project should be completed without surprise expenses.

How Much Does an Average Toilet Repair Service Cost?

Since toilet repairs vary from simple valve, flapper and seal refits to complete replacements, prices range from $80 to $136 throughout the nation. Our Toilet Repair Price Guide outlines several issues and variables to consider as you plan for your repair project. The condition and location of your toilet, as well as the extent of repairs, will contribute to overall repair costs.

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