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Tree & Shrub Maintenance

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Find Trusted Tree & Shrub Maintenance Pros

Enhance the overall health and appearance of your property with regular tree and shrub maintenance. Educated professionals accurately assess your landscape to provide the stable conditions and nutrients it needs to flourish.

Does My Yard Need a Tree and Shrub Service?

Continual attention to your landscape ensures that your trees and shrubs will be protected from disease and pests, and can therefore grow healthily year-round. A trained arborist or contractor will evaluate your trees and shrubs to create a tailored service based on what they need to thrive. Abundant foliage is not always a dependable sign of plant health, making tree and shrub maintenance ever more critical for your landscape’s survival.

What Are the Benefits of a Tree and Shrub Service?

A customized approach to maintaining your trees and shrubs guarantees that they receive the nutrients they need to prosper. By trimming or removing any dead vegetation, you are preventing the spread of disease and increasing the life of your trees and shrubs. A healthy landscape is less susceptible to infection, which in turn helps them grow faster and actually increases the value of your property.

How Many of My Trees and Shrubs Need Maintaining?

After your landscape has been properly evaluated by a professional, they will determine which trees and shrubs need maintaining. Diseased or insect-infested plants will be treated accordingly, whether it’s accomplished through trimming, fertilization and nutrient application, or complete removal. You should also consider trimming and pruning trees that are obstructing your home or power lines, as this could cause excessive damage to your property if ignored.

What Types of Tree and Shrub Services Are Available?

The types of tree and shrub services offered vary widely to accommodate the diverse ecosystem of plant species, climates and potential threats. The most common services provided by landscape professionals include general health inspections, insect and disease treatments, and fertilization and nutrient applications. Tree and shrub trimming and removal services are also offered for dying or severely infected plants. Each service is based off of what your landscape needs in order to maintain its healthy growth and appearance.

How Long Does a Tree and Shrub Service Take?

Depending on the type of tree and shrub maintenance required, accessibility, location, and the size of your yard, the service could take several hours to complete. For example, a job becomes more time-consuming in circumstances where tree branches grow around power lines and need to be carefully cut down. This is because certified professionals take precautionary measures to rope and gently lower limbs to the ground in order to avoid dangerous situations from arising.

What Tools Are Used By a Tree and Shrub Service?

For tree and shrub maintenance, many common services only require basic hand tools, fertilizers, sprays and soil treatments. Tree and shrub trimming and removal will necessitate the use of a chainsaw, special equipment and machinery, ladders and rope. A qualified professional will always assess the grounds before starting any job, and will provide the necessary tools to properly complete the task.

Do Tree and Shrub Services Have Any Hidden Charges?

Once a certified company assesses your entire yard, they will provide you with an estimate in regards to which trees and shrubs are in need of maintenance. This service is free of charge and ensures all pricing is disclosed beforehand. Quotes do fluctuate accordingly in terms of tree and shrub accessibility, current conditions and the amount of maintenance required.

How Much Does a Tree and Shrub Service Cost?

Each service offered for tree and shrub maintenance differs in price and is determined during the initial landscape evaluation. Be aware that many factors like height, location, plant types, lawn size and required maintenance will affect the cost of such a job. Soil treatment, fertilizer and spray services will cost on average between $50 to $200, while tree trimming and removal can cost between $200 and $1,300 to maintain. To learn more, see our Tree and Shrub Service Cost Guide.

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