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Tree Removal

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Removing a tree from your property is a significant project that requires special skills, equipment, and safety precautions. A professional tree removal service can evaluate the size, location, and condition of trees on your property to determine the best method for removal.

Do I Need a Tree Removed From My Yard?

If a tree in your yard is dead, damaged, or diseased, removal may be necessary to prevent the tree or its limbs from falling unexpectedly. Healthy trees that interfere with structures, utility lines and landscaping may also be removed to reduce risk and obstruction. Your tree specialist can determine the condition and impact of your tree to determine if trimming is adequate or if complete removal is necessary.

What Are the Benefits of a Tree Removal Service?

Professional tree specialists and arborists are qualified to assess the health and condition of a tree, and are equipped and trained to remove trees safely and efficiently. Cutting trees and removing stumps requires specialized equipment, which professionals are trained and insured to operate. Hiring a professional to remove trees from your property reduces the risk of injury and damage from using improper techniques and inadequate tools.

How Large of a Tree Do I Need Removed?

Large trees often have a very obvious impact on a landscape, clearly showing any risks to buildings, power lines, and passersby. Small trees can also pose problems if they carry disease or have root systems that threaten underground utilities or foundations, and removing them requires the same care as handling large trees.

What Types of Tree Removal Methods Exist?

Most tree removal techniques include felling the tree and pulling or grinding the remaining stump, cutting limbs and logs, and chipping branches and small debris. The size, species, and location of your tree will determine if it can be felled whole or if it must be first limbed and cut into sections. You may choose to keep the remaining material for firewood, or have the entire tree removed from the property.

How Long Does a Tree Removal Take?

Removal and disposal of a tree may take as little as two hours, depending on the size of the tree and of the crew. Exceptionally large trees may require several hours to take down, cut, chip, and haul away. Several other factors affect the time needed to remove a tree as well, such as its condition, species, and location.

What Tools Are Required to Remove Trees?

Tree specialist use a number of tools to trim and fell trees, from standard chainsaws to pole saws, cutting wedges, and climbing gear. Some jobs may require the use of guide ropes and heavy equipment to control the fall of large limbs and trunk sections, and chippers and a stump grinder may be used on site to reduce debris.

Do Tree Removals Have Any Hidden Charges?

While several factors influence the pricing of tree removal, a number of related tasks will affect the overall cost of your project. Popular services, like chipping, stump grinding and limb removal, may not be included with the cost of cutting down your tree. Be sure to discuss with your contractor how you would like the tree and debris handled after it is down. Whether you have it cut and split for firewood, or chipped and hauled away, these add-on services may come at extra cost.

How Much Do Tree Removals Cost?

Prices for tree removal in the U.S. vary widely with the size, condition, species, and precise location of each tree, typically ranging from $229 to $1210. Our Tree Removal Price Guide addresses several considerations for pricing, and your arborist or contractor can evaluate the specific features of your job and related services to determine the cost for the project.

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