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Tree Trimming

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Find Trusted Tree Trimming Pros

Periodic trimming helps keep the trees in your yard healthy, safe, and attractive. The job can require special skills and equipment, and carries a degree of risk. A tree service professional can evaluate your trees and provide recommendations and estimates for safe and effective trimming.

Do I Need a Professional to Trim My Trees?

Some basic trimming can be done with hand tools from the safety of the ground, but if your project involves a large tree, heavy limbs, chainsaws, or ladders, it’s probably best left in the hands of a pro. In addition to having the expertise and equipment to handle the job safely, a professional can trim the tree with its type and condition in mind.

What Are the Benefits of Tree Trimming?

Trimming away dead or weakened branches can prevent injury and damage from falling limbs, and cutting out diseased portions of a tree may be necessary to protect the rest of it. Even among healthy trees, trimming and pruning can be important maintenance for growth, fruit production, and aesthetics.

How Much of My Tree Needs to be Trimmed?

The extent of trimming appropriate for any tree depends on its size, type, and condition, as well as the goal of the project. An arborist or tree service professional can evaluate the health of the tree, its proximity to structures and other trees, and your ideas and goals to determine the best method for trimming.

How Long Does Tree Trimming Take?

Most minor trimming projects can be completed within a few hours, but more extensive or complex projects could take a full day or more. The size and species of tree, the number of limbs that must be removed, and the scope of the job will influence the time needed for the project.

What Materials Are Required for Tree Trimming?

Professionals use common tree service and wood cutting tools for trimming trees, such as a chainsaw, pole saw or pruner, pruning shears, loppers. For working at heights, a contractor may use ladders, climbing gear, or a bucket lift to provide safe access.

Does Tree Trimming Have Any Hidden Charges?

A tree service professional should be able to provide an accurate estimate for tree trimming before the work begins. However, if problems with the tree are encountered during the job, such as extensive disease or damage, more extensive trimming or even removal of the tree may be needed. Also, extra services can come with additional fees, such as chipping or removing brush and debris. Be sure to check up front to find out how your pro will handle cleanup and disposal and whether you will be charge extra for the services.

How Much Does Tree Trimming Cost?

The cost of tree trimming depends heavily on the complexity of the job and the equipment involved. A routine pruning of a dwarf or fruit tree might cost $75 to $150 since it can be done with hand tools from the ground or a short ladder, while it’s likely to cost $300 or more to trim a large tree that requires the use of chainsaws or a mechanical lift. On a site with difficult access or for an exceptionally tall tree, trimming could cost $600 to $1,000. To learn more, see our Tree Trimming Cost Guide.

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