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Yard Clean Up

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Periodic and seasonal clean-up helps keep your yard looking its best and can protect the health of your lawn and plantings. Whether to tidy up before and after winter or to catch up on maintenance, completing a number of clean-up tasks can help you take excellent care of your yard.

Does My Yard Need Cleaning?

Cleaning up your lawn and gardens, and preparing them for changes of season is important for maintaining the beauty, health, and safety of your yard. Contracting for a seasonal clean-up can simplify many of your outdoor maintenance tasks, saving you a great deal of time and effort. Lawn care and landscaping providers are equipped to handle a number of tasks efficiently and safely, completing maintenance projects in much less time than homeowners typically need to do the same work.

What Are the Benefits of Yard Clean-up Services?

Lawn care providers can complete clean-up tasks quickly and thoroughly, and offer a number of services that homeowners may not have the skills or equipment to complete. In addition to basic raking and disposal services, professionals may complete tasks such as winterization, pruning, changing mulch, mowing, fertilizing, aerating, edging, and weeding.

How Much of My Yard Needs Cleaning?

Your entire lawn may require mowing and raking, but the need for other services may vary with the season or the type and size of gardens, shrubs, and trees that make up your landscaping. Your lawn care or landscaping contractor can help you plan the best care for the specific plantings in your yard.

What Types of Yard Clean-up Services Are Available?

Popular clean-up tasks include raking and disposing of leaves, branches, and other debris. A number of other services are usually offered that can improve the health of your yard and gardens and protect and prepare your plantings for seasonal changes. Many contractors offer maintenance packages which can be customized and scheduled to suit the specific needs of your yard.

How Long Does a Yard Clean-up Take?

Typical clean-up of a residential yard can be completed within one day, though more time may be needed for cleaning out garden beds or to do extensive trimming or pruning of trees and shrubs. The condition of your yard and the type of services you choose will determine the time needed for the project.

What Tools Are Needed for a Yard Clean-up Service?

Common landscaping tools and equipment are used for cleaning up a yard. Your contactor may use mowers, trimmers, rakes, and a blower for typical tasks, while some seasonal work may require an edger, power broom or chipper.

Do Yard Clean-up Services Have Any Hidden Charges?

Yard maintenance and clean-up is generally uncomplicated, with pricing based on the combination of services and the size of your yard. Be sure to check with your contractor about the disposal of yard waste, since extra fees may apply for removal if curbside pickup is not available in your community.

How Much Do Yard Clean-up Services Cost?

The size and condition of a yard help determine the services that are needed for a thorough cleaning, influencing rates between $63 and $237 in the U.S. Your contractor can thoroughly evaluate your yard, trees and plantings to determine the most appropriate services for your property and describe how they contribute to clean-up costs.

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